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I am not a coach that will push you to extremes to get results; this is about an experience based on small, gradual, effective changes that will get you big, long term results!

Mindfulness, accountability and education are valuable core elements to your journey and I’ve got you covered on all 3.

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My Vision

Join the Herd was created in 2021 with a clear vision… 

A vision to empower women to feel strong and confident; inside and out.

After 7 years as a detective working for the Metropolitan Police and Avon and Somerset Police, I know what it feels like to be suppressed in your environment.

What’s more, then I got diagnosed with a life changing autoimmune disease, I turned to everyone for help, but learnt the hard way that only I could help myself. 

There was quite literally nobody to turn to who could give me the full guidance, accountability and education I needed to stay mentally and physically strong during this period of my life.

Sure, I could find a decent PT, but they lacked knowledge on nutrition.

I could find a nutritionalist but they had no idea about recovery.

And even doctors, lifestyle coaches, fitness gurus; none of them would consider the fact that I was a female with hormones AND that I wanted to not just follow their generic, pre-made plans…

I wanted to understand WHY I was doing this particular plan and HOW it was going to transform my mind-body.

My life felt totally suppressed and restricted at this point and I initially began my studies and research to work on myself.

I believed there was more out there and that more could be done; and I was right.

My own self-awareness grew and as I began to heal myself physically and mentally, I noticed changes in my physique, my health, my eating habits, my mindset, my strength, my knowledge… and others began to notice them too.

A few close friends and family asked me to guide them as I had guided myself and I agreed.

The results were amazing and their journeys and mind-body transformations inspired me so much and set a deep self-belief that I really could do more for others as I had for myself.

Join the Herd goes far beyond just what you look like; we encompass how you feel physically and mentally too. 

If you’re ready to start working towards becoming the best version of yourself; the women that you always dreamed of seeing look back at you in the mirror, I am ready to help you.’

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