Next retreat date: May 9th - May 14th 2024

Elysium Retreats will leave you;

  • Understanding nutrition and it’s complex role in supporting health 
  • Developing a total mind/body action plan based on biomarker data & self reflection methods
  • Moving in a way that serves you and brings you joy
  • Finding connection and belonging with the animals, guests, coaches and yourself
  • Discovering your purpose 
  • Unlocking your full potential 
  • Taking part in beautiful and magical work you love
  • Becoming present, with the past firmly behind you with a clearer future ahead
  • Quieting the noise and becoming untouchable in a world of chaos.

When you experience Elysium, you will be free

Let us bring you to a state of just being; without the need to chase or avoid, without all the thought and planning and chaos of every day life. Committed practices that you will learn at Elysium will raise your consciousness and guide you to unlearn life-long, self-sabotaging habits to replace them with awareness, pro-active choices and joy.

You will discover the freedom that movement can bring to your life, stimulating the body in order to manipulate results in an enjoyable fashion. Trying a multitude of modalities and building a tool box of methods to take away and use as soon as you return home.

For those who are invested in learning more about their physical health you can uncover the objective analysis of your health with our extensive testing, looking into your biological age, your gut health, immune system health, oral health, heart and metabolic health, cellular and energy efficiency and inflammation response.

Your Beliefs

You will learn to dissolve mass ideas and limiting beliefs accumulated throughout your life.

Letting go

You will learn to redefine who you are in the present and let go of the past. 


In the peace that remains, you will learn to recognise yourself.


You will experience beautiful and effortless guidance in your new understanding of you.


You will be provided the opportunity to let go, to open a deeper connection within and experience what is possible. 


Your time with us will be truly transformative, we will remove all fear and self-doubt to re-discover you.

Test yourself

Elysium will test almost everything that you have come to believe at the deepest levels; mind, body and soul. 

It will require your commitment, but, as you begin to uncover your true self, nothing else will matter and all will become effortless and natural; throughout your time with us, and as you move back to your daily life.

Bring vitality, wellness & perspective back into your life

An opportunity to take part in exploring optimal wellness through learning about the boundaries of peak human performance. With a deep dive into lifestyle analysis using subjective scoring from blood and genetic biomarker data and a balanced wellness model, we are committed to helping people achieve longevity through education, biohacking and healthy lifestyle practices.

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The Physical Body

The Mental Body

The Emotional Body

The Spiritual Body

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meet the coaches

Hey, I'm Tommy

Im a father of two young boys and partner to a holistic health therapist (Claire, see below). I have had an avid interest in learning about human performance and longevity, and have done for a long time, but bodybuilding is my dogmatic approach that guides my current training and nutritional goals. My skill set a coach goes far beyond just choosing exercises and meal plans to yield results, diving into aspects of psychology, biometrics and other methods you’ll be learning about as part of the Elysium Retreat with me. I see myself as a mentor to my clients and I have helped many people overcome their self-doubt and self-sabotage behaviours to become not only the leanest and strongest version of themselves, but a version that they are happier with too.

Hey, I'm Claire

I am a holistic health and psychological strengthening expert. I am step-mother to two beautiful boys and my partner, who you’ll have heard from above, is an incredibly knowledgeable bio-hacker enthusiast!

After a decade in the police as a detective, followed by years of studying and practising all things holistic health, I now specialise in human behaviour; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. My workshops and holistic practices (alongside the skill set of my fellow coaches) will have you leaving the retreat as the most complete version of yourself that you have ever felt.

Hey, I'm Alex!

I’m privileged to have a little boy who reminds me the importance of moving on a daily basis. I feel movement is a special privilege we take for granted as a society. I’ve been a coach for many years now and I focus on helping people find ways of moving their body to not only improve their quality of life, but more importantly, by giving them something that will bring them joy;
Giving them the highest chance of ongoing success for their physical, mental and emotional health

The Quinta

Quinta Do Rabacal is located deep in rural Portugal in the Natural Reserve of the Mondego Valley.

As soon as you arrive, you will feel enlivened and well, swap the modern monochromatic shades of grey for blankets of green with a on-location river and clear nights with stars in the sky.

One of the main differences you’ll notice is the noise of the Quinta, gone are the drones of background traffic and the hum of a city instead replaced with sounds of running rivers, birds, nature and quiet in abundance.

Now listen… to how quiet it is!

Wander slowly around the land, swim, kayak or paddle board on the river in your free time.

Lay by the pool and put in to practise some of the mindfulness skills you’ve learnt.

Take time to put your routines on pause and reconnect with the earth.

Every meal is freshly prepared from locally sourced produce.


The Quinta is biodynamic and is located in the Natural Reserve of the Mondego Valley and is quite simply captivating.

The light, the depth and vibrancy of the colours, the sounds, the scenery, the smells, the tastes, and the energy all combine to stimulate your body and mind.

Your accommodation will be a shared (or single occupied) room in either a newly refurbished farmhouse, or a luxury riverside teepee.

(Season dependant for teepees).

The farmhouses are all equipped with shared kitchen and lounge areas. All have bamboo quilts, 100% cotton sheets, memory foam pillows and mattresses.

Full access to the outdoor infinity pool and hot tub with sun-loungers. 

Full access to the training barn. A 2 story barn built on the riverside giving the feeling that you are training out in nature. The barn is fully equipped with squat racks, Olympic bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, punchbags, concept 2 rower, skiergs, bikes, olymipic rings and a large outdoor training area; including sleds, tyres, slam balls and monkey bars.

Full access to the boathouse. A pontoon which acts as a perfect sun trap, access to the fresh water river which is perfect for swimming. Kyaks and paddle boards.

Full access to mountain bikes if you want to explore the valley.

Bring vitality back into your life

Join our retreat in Portugal

Sample Itinerary

This is your retreat and all seminars, sessions and activities are all optional.

Each day will begin at 7am with morning cardio or an immersive recovery session.


Please land in Portugal (Porto) by 20:30PM local time.
By no later than 9:30PM, you’ll be travelling to the Quinta on a bus for around 1.5/2 hours.
In the customs line, or on the private coach, you’ll meet other Elysium Retreat guests. The magic of arriving as strangers, and leaving as friends, is well under-way.
When you arrive at Quinta Do Rabacal we will gather for some delicious snacks and then be shown to your rooms/ Tents.
As it will be dark with almost no light pollution you will get to see the beautiful location properly when you first wake for Day 1.

DAY 2 (OF 6)

Welcome breakfast where we will cover our objectives for the week
Introduction to bio-harmonising and health markers
Journey to you session 1
Movement seminar and physical session
Breath work
Evening mindfulness

welcome breakfast

DAY 3 (OF 6)

Morning Breath work
Sunrise hike
Journey to you session 2
Down time
Movement seminar and physical session
Sound bath


Next retreat date: May 9th - May 14th 2024


£ 1495
  • 5 days and 5 nights accommodation in your choice of a glamping tepee or rustic farmhouse
  • 3 freshly prepared locally sourced meals per day
  • Workshops to choose from throughout your stay
  • Optional yoga classes
  • Closing ceremony banquet meal
  • Airport transfer from Porto Airport to the retreat and back for your return flight
  • Full access to the Quinta including the boat house, gym and bikes


£ 1995
  • Everything included in the signature package +
  • Full blood panel
  • DNA testing kit
  • Sound baths
  • 1 x 1-2-1 6 week follow up with one of our head coaches


£ 2395
  • Everything included in the premimum package +
  • Full body intelligence test
  • 6 weeks 1-2-1 coaching with one of our head coaches
  • 1-2-1 energy healing session

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